Live Masterclass

How to have the money you want *without* seeing more patients.

What Every Woman Physician Needs to Know About Money.

Even if you’re in a low paying specialty, have lots of student loans, or think it’s too late.

Live on Sunday, April 23 at 8pm ET or Wednesday, April 26 at 12pm ET.

Hosted by Bonnie Koo, MD

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You're a woman physician making good money.

And nobody told you that it doesn't magically implant the money chip into your brain.

Or prepared you for the reality of the sad Excel spreadsheet formula of having to subtract student loan debt, being bumped into a higher tax bracket, and needing to pay professional fees every year just so you can keep doing your job.

Plus - there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to money…so no wonder it’s so easy to be confused 🤔 and frustrated.

You’re not alone. I can help.

That’s why I created this masterclass so you can start having the money you want and the freedom that comes with it *without* seeing more patients.

I’ve broken down the key steps required to start building wealth in a way that feels good for you.

And I’ll be teaching what no one else is teaching when it comes to money.


 In this live class, you’ll learn:



The greatest asset that is underutilized to create money

and how to harness it



How we unknowingly stall wealth creation

and what to do instead


Why you don’t need to work harder or cut expenses to make and have the money you want



Hi! I’m Bonnie. 

When I started making multiple six figures as new attending, I thought all of my money problems would be solved. Instead, I found myself still struggling with money - I never seemed to have enough!

When I learned why I was struggling and what to do instead — it changed everything. Since then, I’ve been teaching women physicians how to do this too.

In case we haven't met - I’m a master certified life coach, dermatologist, and author of Defining Wealth for Women. 

If you're ready to take control of your finances, you're in the right place and I'll see you soon.

Two dates to choose from:

Sunday, April 23 at 8pm ET or
Wednesday April 26 at 12pm ET

Plan for about 1.5hr.

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If you have dreams to achieve, you need this!

“I dreamed of opening my own private practice, where I could practice medicine in an integrative way that really helped people, but I had no idea how to get that off the ground.

“So when I discovered Bonnie, her message about you should have choices about the way you practice medicine’ really resonated with me. Because of what I learned, I was able to purchase commercial office space, which is something I wouldn’t have known about if not for Bonnie. I’m about a month away now from opening my own practice and I couldn’t be more thrilled."

Val C.