Confidently Master Your Money

✧ in 8 weeks ✧

And be on your way to creating financial freedom and a life on your terms.

Without the overwhelm, the “how-to” hangups and the paralyzing anxiety of “how-do-I-get-started” and “what-do-I-next” syndrome.



What former students have to say ...

"Before I took Money for Women Physicians, I took the “ostrich” approach to debt--especially student loans. I told myself that as a new-ish physician, I had plenty of time to deal with it later. Now that I’ve taken the course, I realize I have to take control of my finances if I want a good future for my family. I’m no longer afraid of my debt and I have a plan to get it under control! I’ve already started investing--something which used to scare me. Bonnie, your course was great and I can’t thank you enough for the financial knowledge and confidence I gained! I highly recommend this course."


"By sheer luck, Bonnie announced her course right when I needed it most. I was one year post-divorce and still trying to balance being a single mom with one income and half of her assets. Growing up, we never had enough money, and I was scared that’s how it would be for me and my children, too. I was stuck in the anger and pain of losing what was once my financial dream. The course content was fantastic, but it was the introduction to personal coaching that I found invaluable. The goal-setting and mindset shift lifted me out of my “stuck” place and motivated me to pursue Bonnie’s advice about investing in real estate. I’m currently partnering with friends to make that happen. I realize I have a long way to go to rebuild, but I have hope again, and that’s everything."

Internal Medicine

"Prior to taking Money for Women Physicians, I knew I needed financial literacy, but for whatever reason I always put it on the back burner. I’m so glad I decided to join the course. Since then, I’ve reviewed all my finances, joined another course about real estate investing. My mindset and beliefs about money have shifted from scarcity to abundance. Thank you for all the great information, Bonnie."

Physical Medicine

"I had always been too intimidated to learn about my finances. Unfortunately, this led me financial advisors taking advantage of me in the past. I was tired of being a victim, so I decided to invest in myself and my ability to learn. Bonnie’s course was exactly what I needed: a solid foundation to springboard me into a more secure future where I have ownership and power."

Orthopedic Surgery

"This course changed everything for me. Not only did I learn specific points about retirement, investing, and estate planning, but I also changed my mind and thinking about money. It was incredibly empowering and I definitely recommend Money for Women Physicians to all who want more control over their financial well being."


This is what’s inside Money for Women Physicians

This online course is delivered in 6 modules over the course of 8 weeks, so you have plenty of time for implementation.

Before we ever get into the nuts and bolts of personal finance, we’ll get to the root cause of your financial woes: your money mindset.

Most of us grow up thinking about money in a way that prevents us from ever becoming wealthy. I’ll teach you the secrets behind changing that mindset so you can become wealthy.

A big piece of the money stress puzzle is simply not knowing what’s happening with your money (aside from the grief of watching all of it go toward paying your monthly bills!). We don’t like to use the “b” word (budget) at Wealthy Mom MD, so instead we call it your Spending Plan.

No matter what, you need to understand those numbers before you can even begin addressing them. Again, this is where mindset changes can help you. You’ll learn to see all of those numbers as just numbers. This subtle psychological shift will have a huge impact on your spending.

Is your paycheck your only source of income? If so, you’ve set yourself up to fail! The real secret to wealth is to take that money and put it to work making more money via a strategic investing plan that will create long-term, money-making machines for you.

Don’t make all of that money only to lose it! You absolutely need to insure yourself against financial catastrophes. This step is so critical and often-overlooked. I’ll show you exactly which insurances you need and how to prioritize them.

As doctors, we know all too well that death is inevitable but also unpredictable. What will happen to your family after you die? Planning for your estate is the last piece of financial “adulting” you need to learn before we put it all together in Module 6.

This is the best part - where you put it all together to create the life you’ll love. You’ve learned how to think about money differently and armed yourself with all the information you need. It’s time to seize your financial power and create and plan your dream life.

With each module you’ll get curated PDF workbooks and almost done-for-you templates to make things as easy as possible.

This is a live course. That means you get more than the wealth of knowledge in the modules.

Bonus #1: Live Access to the Experts

Financial planners. Professional insurance brokers. Estate planning attorneys. Life coaches certified in Brooke Castillo’s “The Model.” For each module, I’ll host a private session with one of these experts so you have a chance to receive personalized attention.

Bonus #2: Weekly Office Hours

Remember being able to ask your college professor questions during their Office Hours? I’ll be available at least once a week where you can get all of your questions answered.

Bonus #3: Private Members-only Facebook group 

I know how much we value our privacy and how much we love being with other women physicians. That’s why this course is exclusive to women physicians only. We will be in our own private community to learn, grow and share our journey with each other.


Why should you listen to me?

Because I’m a physician, a mom, and someone who figured out how to get rid of over $200,000 of student loans and credit card debt...and now I’m sharing all of my knowledge with you.

Hi, I’m Bonnie Koo of Wealthy Mom MD, creator of Money for Women Physicians.

I’m a board-certified dermatologist who’s passionate about teaching personal finance strategies designed specifically for women physicians.

You probably know me from Facebook groups like Women Physicians Personal Finance and Wealthy Mom Physicians -- the largest online communities of women physicians committed to mastering their finances. Or maybe you saw me speak at the inaugural White Coat Investor conference.

However, there’s a big difference between me and most of the people giving out financial advice on the internet: I’ve been in your shoes.

Just like you, I:

  • Had to work hard and prove myself as a physician
  • Found myself struggling with credit card debt and student loan bills, so I never felt like I could really get ahead.
  • Had to overcome significant mindset blocks and beliefs about money.
I went on a quest to learn everything I could about getting myself out of debt and creating financial reserves. And now?

✓ I eliminated those debts.

✓ I’m no longer dependent on my paycheck in order to pay my bills. 

✓ I can practice medicine in a way that feels good to me--and right now that means “living la vida locums” anywhere in the United States. (Next up: Hawai’i!)

✓ I don’t have to work full-time anymore--instead, I can spend more time with my growing family.


Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, only women physicians may enroll into this course. This means you are a woman who completed medical school and have an MD or DO degree. 

A lot of the information is geared towards those who live and practice in the United States only.

You will be asked for your NPI number and we will verify your name & NPI match. If we determine you are not a woman physician we will automatically issue you a refund (less a $75 processing fee).

All live Q&A sessions will be recorded and viewable whenever is convenient for you. Also, you can post your questions in advance of the Q&A and I’ll make sure they’re addressed. Plus I’ll be available in the group almost everyday to help you.

At this time I plan to offer the course twice a year.

This course is aimed at beginners when it comes to personal finance. The financial information is foundational and not meant for someone who has read several financial books already. If you have more questions about whether this course is right for you, please email us at info at wealthymommd.com or post in the Wealthy Mom Physicians Facebook group!

  • If you already invest like a ninja
  • If you’re already financially independent
  • If you’re not interested in taking control of your finances or doing any of the work
  • If you already took a foundational personal finance course--the information may be very similar however the money mindset & group coaching you receive here is unique. 

If you feel that you have a good foundation of financial knowledge but would like more guidance & coaching, be sure to join our email list -- Wealthy Mom MD Life will be launching in 2020 - a group coaching program for women physicians in life & money topics.

Up to 5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Accreditation: This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of Continuing Education, Inc. and Wealthy Mom MD, LLC. Continuing Education, Inc.  is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Designation:  Continuing Education, Inc. designates this live activity for a maximum of 5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Each physician should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

To receive CME credit the course must be fully paid for and we must receive a completed exit survey. The deadline to complete the exit survey to receive CME credit is January 31, 2020 3pm EST.

You will have access to the online course as long as I offer it (virtually lifetime access). You will also receive all course updates. Imagine a course that gets better the longer you own it!

Money for Women Physicians has a 14 day refund policy. 

You may get a full refund up until Monday, October 28 by 3pm EST by emailing us at support at wealthymommd.com. Refund requests will be processed within 5 business days.

The live components of the course (Office Hours, Expert calls, etc) end on December 15, 2019.

The private Facebook group will be archived on December 16, 2019-- this means that the group will still exist but no new content (posts, comments) can be posted.


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