Are you ready to have 
Unshakable Confidence?


Join me live for The Secret to Unshakable Confidence on

Sunday, September 18th at 1pm ET or
Wednesday, September 21st at 3pm ET
with Bonnie Koo, MD, Master Certified Coach.


You’re pretty awesome.

And sometimes you feel that way, too. 


But, more often than you’d like to admit, you don’t always feel awesome. In fact, you’re often feeling insecure and anxious with a sprinkle of guilt and shame. 

Looking around, it seems that other women seem to have figured it out. 

This is what LACK of confidence looks like:

  • Not asking for that raise.
  • Staying in bad relationships.
  • Not investing your money.
  • Prioritizing yourself last.
  • Not owning your accomplishments.
  • Not being YOU.
  • Coming to the conclusion that something is wrong with YOU (and that it's unique to you).

You are not alone. 

In fact, this is way more common than you think (phew!). 

No one is born confident.
It’s not something you either have or don’t have. We aren’t taught how to be confident. In other words, confidence is a learnable skill.

That’s why I created this live workshop to break things down for you.

 In this live workshop, you’ll learn:



What confidence actually means
and what it doesn’t mean.

So many of us have gotten this wrong.



Why external achievements don’t
create confidence and what actually does

If they did, we’d all be confident AF, right?


Steps you can start taking TODAY
to create Unshakable Confidence

And what might get in the way.

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Join us LIVE!


Sunday, September 18th at 1 pm ET


Wednesday, September 21st at 3 pm ET

Plan for up to one and a half hours.

A time-limited replay will be available in case you can’t make it live!

YES, I'll be there!

Hi! I'm Bonnie.

In case we haven’t met, I’m Bonnie. I’m a master-certified coach, mom and dermatologist. I’ve been teaching and coaching successful women, like you, since 2016.

My mission is to help women create wealth in all areas of their life. I want women to be rich and feel like a million bucks. 

You become unstoppable when you finally learn and understand what’s been in the way between you and confidence. This includes building wealth – of the money kind.

That’s what I’m teaching in this live training.

See you then!

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This is what Unshakable Confidence looks like:

  • Not caring what other women think
  • Not feeling guilty as an ambitious working mom – because you know you are a great mom, full stop.
  • Not worrying about what other people think of you – because you know who you are and are not ashamed of it.
  • Knowing, deep down, that you can handle anything, no matter what happens.
  • Being unapologetically YOU.
  • Not defaulting to negative self-talk when things happen. Because things will still happen. But this time, you know how to handle it with grace.
  • Not waiting for people’s approval or the next promotion to feel good about yourself – because you already feel great about yourself.
  • Taking charge of your finances and creating wealth because you can embrace risk.

This is Unshakable Confidence. And it’s available to you.


Are you ready to have Unshakable Confidence?

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