Enrollment opens Spring 2021!


An exclusive wealth-building program designed specifically for women physicians.

Money for Women Physicians is the only program of its kind that gives you the tools and knowledge to make practicing medicine on your terms a reality.


Before I tell you all about this exclusive program, let’s chat about who this is for...

You’re a physician with no shortage of work ethic or ambition who’s tired of feeling stressed out about money and is ready to do something about it.

Perhaps you’re…

  • A newly minted attending who’s quadrupled your income (amen!). You’re finally going to live your life …. and you have no idea how to manage money.
  • Five years into practicing medicine and feeling burned out. You want to work less or pivot. But you still have boatloads of student loans and despite knowing deep down you’re meant for something else, financially, you cannot see how.
  • Recently divorced. Your ex took care of all the finances. You’re now left with half of your previous wealth…. 
  • A single mom. The buck stops with you and you’re highly motivated to learn about money so you can take care of your family.
  • Never getting ahead despite making a multiple six-figure income. Deep down you’re embarrassed and ashamed of this.
  • A dreamer who wants to create a legacy of wealth not just for your family but to impact the world

You’re no dummy. So how can something like money--which doesn’t even require a course in biochemistry--feel so impossibly hard?

The truth is, money feels daunting for a completely different reason.

And that reason is: somehow, despite working 60+ hours per week, there’s just so little to show for it.

Every month, you watch your paycheck disappear from your bank account like a Las Vegas card trick.

Where does it all go? Oh right:

  • Student loans
  • Kids’ ballet lessons and soccer clinic fees
  • Private school for the kids
  • Mortgage
  • Car loan
  • Credit card bills
  • Etc., ad nauseam

It’s not that you’re reckless with your money. It’s not that you don’t make a decent salary.

It’s that nobody prepares you for the reality of the sad Excel spreadsheet formula of having to subtract student loan debt, being bumped into a higher tax bracket, and needing to pay professional fees every year just so you can keep doing your job.

The output of that formula? Frustration, sadness, and even worse: shame.

If you’re ever going to get ahead of the overwhelm, you need a super-clear, simple, step-by-step plan specifically for women physicians like you.

That’s where Money for Women Physicians comes in.

Other financial education courses were created by men, or they focus on frugality. After 4-7 underpaid years of residency, you have to wonder if you’ll be scrimping and saving for the rest of your life.

But worse, those other courses are for “everybody” which means they don’t provide the information that women physicians require in order to achieve financial success.

Instead, Money for Women Physicians teaches women physicians--you--how to be wealthy

I’ll repeat that. This isn’t about breaking even or getting by.

I bet your biggest, most audacious dreams look like this:

✓ Eliminate student loan debt

✓ Pay for kids’ college education (and keep them out of student loan debt!)

✓ Save enough for retirement

✓ Go on vacation 

✓ Build your legacy

Make no mistake - I know how truly exciting it would be to do those things.

But what if I told you that you could dream even bigger than that--
and have it become a reality?

Why settle for financial self-sufficiency when you can have the freedom and independence of wealth?

Wealth frees you up to:

✓ Indulge in the ultimate flexibility

Dreaming of taking a 6-month sabbatical with your family and heading to Barcelona--or road-tripping for the ultimate tour of our country’s coasts, mountains, deserts, and more?

Or, maybe you want to spend more time with your parents during their golden years--even though they live in another state.

Doing those things is possible, and it doesn’t have to be a magical, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You could do things like that regularly.

When you’re financially independent, you get to dictate who gets your time, and how you spend it with them.

✓ Practice medicine on your terms (no matter what that looks like)

Physician burnout is real. Yes, you chose medicine because you want to help people--but when you’re burnt out, it’s hard to keep helping others.

Being wealthy means you can eliminate the parts of medicine you don’t particularly enjoy. Being on call? Working weekends? Rolling your luck in the vacation lottery (and losing)?

When you have the freedom to carve out your dream practice, you don’t have to include any of those things if you don’t want to.

What does your dream practice look like?

✓ Have more time (for yourself), period.

That old adage about time being money is a lie. You can always get more money, but not time.

Each of us gets 24 hours in a day. The average life expectancy for women in the United States is 78.69 years. 

How much is your time worth to you?

Money for Women Physicians is the world’s first course that:


  • Teaches you core financial concepts as they pertain to your reality as a doctor and a woman
  • Keeps you accountable along the way, because it’s taught live
  • Gives you live access to experts who can answer your questions or help you get unstuck
  • Offers a private, supportive community of women physicians just like you who want to give and receive help, information, support, and encouragement all along the way

What you can expect with Money For Women Physicians:

→ Nail down your spending without feeling deprived

→ Create a spending plan that creates wealth on auto-pilot

→  Learn the basics of the stock market and ensure that your retirement accounts are invested properly

→ Understand why money has been hard until now

→ Create and start implementing your plan to add additional streams of income by learning the basics of real estate investing and exploring side gigs

→  Ensure your assets and your family are protected from lawsuits and unplanned catastrophes

→ Create your financial plan

→ Learn the basics of estate planning

The End Result of all of this?

→ Peace of mind

→ Time Freedom

→ Financial Independence

You practice medicine on YOUR TERMS. 

“This course changed my life. I’ve started working on my business ideas immediately. The group calls were so fun and I just became so excited! I did not even think the mindset modules would apply to me because I felt comfortable talking about money, but there were so many valuable lessons. Coaching works! I am super inspired. The timing of this course was perfect.” 

Kate, Pediatric Radiologist

Money For Women Physicians is Officially CLOSED for Enrollment

(but opens Spring 2021… )




Kelly, Ophthalmology

Madhavi, Internal Medicine

Kristina, Pediatric Critical Care

Dr. Chaudhari, Dermatologist

Carolyn, OBGYN


Linda, Psychiatrist

Jessica, Physician


Watch Bonnie interview two recent students who took Money for Women Physicians and go over how the course works.

What’s Inside Money for Women Physicians


Empower Your Mind

Part 1: Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset
Part 2: Money, Redefined
Part 3: You and Money
Part 4: Cultivating a Wealthy Mindset

Before we ever get into the nuts and bolts of personal finance, we’ll get to the root cause of your financial woes: your money mindset.

Most of us grow up thinking about money in a way that prevents us from ever becoming wealthy. I’ll teach you the secrets behind changing that mindset so you can become wealthy.

Discover and banish your limiting money beliefs for good.


Spending & Debt

Part 1: Introduction to Financial Literacy
Part 2: Cash Flow I
Part 3: Cash Flow II
Part 4: Cash Flow III
Part 5: The Work
Bonus: YNAB tutorials

A big piece of the money stress puzzle is simply not knowing what’s happening with your money (aside from the grief of watching all of it go toward paying your monthly bills!). We don’t like to use the “b” word (budget) at Wealthy Mom MD, so instead we call it your Spending Plan.

No matter what, you need to understand those numbers before you can even begin addressing them. Again, this is where mindset changes can help you. You’ll learn to see all of those numbers as just numbers. This subtle psychological shift will have a huge impact on your spending.

Most of us approach budgeting backwards. Instead of doing a post-mortem on how you spent, you’ll learn how to plan your spending in advance and spend thoughtfully.

We accomplish this by introducing you to YNAB --- You Need A Budget. It is the only program of its kind that enables you to create a spending plan in advance vs. just tracking how you spent.

It’s that important, so we’ve now included step-by-step YNAB tutorials to help you set this up without the tech overwhelm or confusion.


Think Beyond Your Clinical Income

Part 1: Your Investing Mindset
Part 2: Introduction to Investing
Part 3: The Stock Market
Part 4: Introduction to Real Estate
Part 5: Retirement Plans - Part 1
Part 6: Retirement Plans - Part 2
Part 7: Retirement Plans - Part 3
Part 8: Your J.O.B.
Part 9: Create Your Investing Plan
Bonus: Expert calls with Real Estate Investors, Business, Negotiation and more!

Is your paycheck your only source of income? If so, you’ve set yourself up to fail! The real secret to wealth is to take that money and put it to work making more money via a strategic investing plan that will create long-term, money-making machines for you.


Asset Protection

Part 1: Introduction to Asset Protection
Part 2:  Life Insurance
Part 3: Disability Insurance
Part 4: Liability Insurances
Part 5: Divorce Insurance
Part 6: Other Considerations
Bonus: Expert Calls with Insurance Agents, Asset Protection Lawyers

Don’t make all of that money only to lose it! You absolutely need to insure yourself against financial catastrophes. This step is so critical and often-overlooked. I’ll show you exactly which insurances you need and how to prioritize them.


Your Legacy

Part 1: Introduction to Estate Planning
Part 2: Introduction to Trusts
Part 3: Estate Taxes
Part 4: Charitable Donations
Part 5: Organize Your Documents
Bonus: Money & Kids

As doctors, we know all too well that death is inevitable but also unpredictable. What will happen to your family after you die? What impact do you want to have in this world? Planning for your estate is the last piece of financial “adulting” you need to learn before we put it all together in Module 6.


Financial Planning: Creating a Life on Your Own Terms

Part 1: Retirement & Metrics
Part 2: Your Wealth Plan

This is the best part - where you put it all together to create the life you’ll love. You’ve learned how to think about money differently and armed yourself with all the information you need. It’s time to seize your financial power and create and plan your dream life.

AND you’ll be backed by a RISK-FREE 21-day guarantee

By the end of 21 days, you will have received access to the first three modules. 

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to unpack your money beliefs, learn coaching tools, nail down your spending habits, and start creating additional streams of income BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and thrilled by your progress, simply reach out and we’ll refund your investment. Full details below >>.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give Money for Women Physicians a 21-day risk-free whirl if you’re motivated by any of the following:


↠ You want to make medicine OPTIONAL.

You’re fully aware that you don’t have the time and financial freedom you truly need to be living your best life.

Making medicine optional may seem like a pipe dream to you now, but this is not only 100% attainable, you can do it much sooner than you think.

You know that creating wealth will take time in the beginning but will eventually help to free you up to only practice medicine the way you want to and ultimately give you the freedom you crave.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in learning the ropes and doing the work that can dramatically alter the rest of your life.

↠ You’re ready to bet on yourself TODAY.

You recognize that there is no “perfect time” and waiting for someday is not the answer. 

More importantly, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life saying “I don’t have time” or “I can’t do that” every time something fun or meaningful pops up.

2020 has only shown you that our physician careers are no longer secure. 

If there ever was a “right time”, it would be now. 

↠ You’re willing to commit to TRYING it out.

All you need to do is START. You’re not in this alone and it’s so much more fun when you have new friends going along the ride with you.

The barriers to wealth seem high. But this doesn’t scare you. You can do hard things!

But above all else, you're ready, willing, and excited to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

I cannot wait to guide you on your journey to financial freedom…

I’ve been in your shoes.

Just like you, I:

✓ Had to work hard and prove myself as a physician.

✓ Found myself struggling with credit card debt and student loan bills, so I never felt like I could really get ahead.

✓ Had to overcome significant mindset blocks and beliefs about money.

And now?

✓ I eliminated those debts.

✓ I’m no longer dependent on my clinical paycheck in order to pay my bills. 

✓ I practice medicine the way I want to--right now, that’s teledermatology but just recently I was “living la vida locums” Hawai’i with my family!

✓ I live my life on my terms. 

I’m not special. You can do this too.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Money for Women Physicians.