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An exclusive, wealth-building program designed specifically for women physicians 


This is what’s inside Money for Women Physicians 

This program is delivered in 6 modules with a digital workbook + templates.

Empower Your Mind

Part 1: Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset
Part 2: Money, Redefined
Part 3: You and Money
Part 4: Cultivating a Wealthy Mindset

Before we ever get into the nuts and bolts of personal finance, we’ll get to the root cause of your financial woes: your money mindset.

Most of us grow up thinking about money in a way that prevents us from ever becoming wealthy. I’ll teach you the secrets behind changing that mindset so you can become wealthy.

Spending & Debt

Part 1: Introduction to Financial Literacy
Part 2: Cash Flow I
Part 3: Cash Flow II
Part 4: Cash Flow III
Part 5: The Work

A big piece of the money stress puzzle is simply not knowing what’s happening with your money (aside from the grief of watching all of it go toward paying your monthly bills!).

No matter what, you need to understand those numbers before you can even begin addressing them. Again, this is where mindset changes can help you. You’ll learn to see all of those numbers as just numbers. This subtle psychological shift will have a huge impact on your spending.

Think Beyond Your Clinical Income

Part 1: Your Investing Mindset
Part 3: The Stock Market
Part 4: Introduction to Real Estate
Part 5: Retirement Plans - Part 1
Part 6: Retirement Plans - Part 2
Part 7: Retirement Plans - Part 3
Part 8: Your J.O.B.
Part 9: Create Your Investing Plan
Bonus: Expert calls with Real Estate Investors

Is your paycheck your only source of income? If so, you’ve set yourself up to fail! The real secret to wealth is to take that money and put it to work making more money via a strategic investing plan that will create long-term, money-making machines for you.

Protecting Yourself from Financial Catastrophe

Part 1: Introduction to Asset Protection
Part 2:  Life Insurance
Part 3: Disability Insurance
Part 4: Liability Insurances
Part 5: Divorce Insurance
Part 6: Other Considerations
Bonus: Expert Calls with Insurance Agents

Don’t make all of that money only to lose it! You absolutely need to insure yourself against financial catastrophes. This step is so critical and often-overlooked. I’ll show you exactly which insurances you need and how to prioritize them.

Your Legacy: Estate Planning

Part 1: Introduction to Estate Planning
Part 2: Introduction to Trusts
Part 3: Estate Taxes
Part 4: Charitable Donations
Part 5: Organize Your Documents
Bonus: Money & Kids

As doctors, we know all too well that death is inevitable but also unpredictable. What will happen to your family after you die? Planning for your estate is the last piece of financial “adulting” you need to learn before we put it all together in Module 6.

Financial Planning: Creating a Life on Your Terms

Part 1: Retirement & Metrics
Part 2: Your Wealth Plan

This is the best part - where you put it all together to create the life you’ll love. You’ve learned how to think about money differently and armed yourself with all the information you need. It’s time to seize your financial power and create and plan your dream life.


But wait - there is more

Get the support when you need it and have the flexibility to do the course on your schedule. 

Bonus #1: Lifetime Twice a Month Live Support

Remember being able to ask your college professor questions during their Office Hours? Twice a month there will be live support to get all of your questions answered.  Or get coached by a certified coach to help you navigate where you are stuck when it comes to money. These twice a month calls are available to you forever without any additional fees.

These sessions are recorded if you can’t make it live and uploaded to the course site.

Bonus #2: Q&A Box

Stuck or confused about something? No problem, you will be able to ask me questions and search previously asked questions.

Bonus #3: Private Community

I know how much we value our privacy and how much we love being with other women physicians. That’s why this course is exclusive to women physicians only. We will be in our own private community to learn, grow and share our journey with each other.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I’m a physician, a mom, and someone who figured out how to get rid of over $200,000 of student loans and credit card debt...and now I’m sharing all of my knowledge with you.

Hi, I’m Bonnie Koo of Wealthy Mom MD, creator of Money for Women Physicians. I’m a board-certified dermatologist who’s passionate about teaching personal finance strategies designed specifically for women physicians. I’m also a certified coach with The Life Coach School.

You probably know me from Facebook groups like Women Physicians Personal Finance and Wealthy Mom Physicians -- the largest online communities of women physicians committed to mastering their finances. Or maybe you heard me on the Wealthy Mom MD Podcast.

However, there’s a big difference between me and most of the people giving out financial advice on the internet: I’ve been in your shoes. 

Just like you, I:

  • Had to work hard and prove myself as a physician
  • Found myself struggling with credit card debt and student loan bills, so I never felt like I could really get ahead.
  • Had to overcome significant mindset blocks and beliefs about money.

I went on a quest to learn everything I could about getting myself out of debt and creating financial reserves. And now?

✓ I eliminated those debts.

✓ I can practice medicine in a way that feels good to me--right now, that’s teledermatology but just recently I was “living la vida locums” Hawai’i with my family!

✓ When the pandemic hit, you bet I came up against some limiting beliefs around money, but instead, I've actually increased my income and purchased real estate investments.



Kelly, Ophthalmology

Madhavi, Internal Medicine

Tania, Orthopedic Surgery

Svetlana, Anesthesiologist

Andrea, Physical Medicine


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